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Why does this have to be rocket science?

Absolutely the best advice ever: Newsletter from Course Trends


There is one common element that makes good companies great...time. To become a truly great organization, the top course in town, it takes consistency over the long haul.

In reality, companies like Google that attain massive growth and success in a relatively short period are the exception. 5% annual growth isn’t as exciting as doubling every year, but it is much more reasonable. Plus, if you can maintain it for five, ten, or twenty years, you’ll be truly outstanding.

The key is to set realistic goals in every area of your operation that are both attainable and sustainable, then stay vigilant.

Consider your agronomy, for example. If your greens are rolling smooth for a month, that’s good. Keep them at that level every day, every month for two, three or five years and you’re great.

Think about your events. Do you provide top-quality customer service that remembers the little details, cures the organizers’ headaches and makes the players feel like honored guests? If you can sustain that level every day, with every outing and not miss a beat, your competition won’t be able to touch you.

Selling ten memberships per month is nice, but probably not realistic. However, a more reasonable goal of selling five memberships a month, every month, for five years is great.

Are you consistently hitting the mark in your food & beverage operations? New menu items are good, but are you delivering the hot food hot and the cold food cold every time? Something that simple, done consistently every day for five years, will cement your positive reputation and keep people coming back.

Remember, you don’t need to hit a hole-in-one with every stroke to be a great golfer. Instead, you need to make every shot matter on your way to the cup with consistent form, clear focus and a level head.

To go from good to great, start with being good, then be good consistently, day after day without skipping a beat. Keep that up for years and you’ll reach a tipping point where your reputation goes from good to great.

The sooner you quit crying about the economy, falling participation, and rising costs, the sooner you'll get back to business basics.

Follow the above advice in the Course Trends newsletter article and I can almost guarantee you will have a successful and enduring golf course business.

Mike Kahn. mike@golfmak.com. You can always call me: 941-739-390