A timely product developed in Sweden

Over 117 Million North American households will want one

It is an extremely simple product, ergonomically designed to make one difficult task completely easy.

So what is it?

It's a circular hoop with a handle designed to hold a plastic trash bag open allowing a person to drop trash into the bag with one hand while holding the bag open with the other.

That's all it is. It's called EZ-Zack.

Panamor Business Group, a Largo, Florida based marketing company with close ties to Scandinavia has obtained world rights to EZ-Zack.

The basic hoop is made to retail in North America for $19.95. Additional accessories including a Ground Spear, Wall Mount, Dust Pan and Nylon Bag will complete the ensamble to retail for approximatey $39.95.

Replacement retention straps will sell for approximately $5.00.

Retailers will meet their required margins of at least 33%..

Panamor will back the hoop and handle with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Currently manufacured in China and Sweden, Panamor intends to make EZ-Zack in the USA.

Manufacturing process involves extruding the hoop and injection molding the 2-piece handle. Assembly involves only two scews securing the hoop between the two sides of the handle.

The retention strap is a gummy rubber material.




INVESTORS WANTED: Contact Mike Kahn: mike@panamor.com