Looking for Golf Course Financing?

Need Financing or Refinancing?

Michael Kahn has been associated with top Mortgage Brokers and Golf Course Lenders for over 25-years.

No. I am not a mortgage brokers or lender. I am a diligence provider for golf course owners and buyers. I earn my fees helping you gather property information to help you assemble the paperwork and prepare a business plan in a form acceptable to golf course lenders.

We also help prepare feasibility studies, executive summaries, business plans and cash flow assumption summaries required by buyers diligence, lenders and potential financial partners.

Our finance broker associations can help get you get to the money. However, you first might just want to know the finance potential for a golf course property. You might not like our answer, but you’ve got to hear it from someone!

Read this page about financing golf courses.


If you are ready to start the golf course finance process give me a call: 941-739-3990, or write: mike@golfmak.com