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Buy a Golf Course a Smart Way

If a golf course is broker listed you know the broker works for the seller. Not you, so,

"Buyer Beware!"

Keep in mind all the broker wants is the commission. In fact, unless you ask, you won't hear anything but the 'good' stuff they want you to hear - so you'll buy the place.

What about...

  • When was the last irrigation overhaul?
  • Why has membership declined lately?
  • How old is the appraisal you brag about?

Apply Kahn's 360+ check-off line diligence guide.

Help you see through a golf course like an X-ray.

Retain over 50-years experience to help you find, target, contract, due diligence, close, and transition.

Inexpensive, decisive, time saver, and especially - an aggravation saver.

Then learn how to run your newly owned golf course to make money by delivering a first rate golf course.

  • Don't pay too much
  • Don't wind up with a 'money-pit'
  • Don't run yourself ragged

What about financing?

I know all about golf course financing (helping to place over $50 million)

I can help you learn what you might qualify for - if any..

Your first consultation is free: 941-739-3990, or write: mike@golfmak.com