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Also known as 'Kahn's Wall Plaques'

"You might hate me for saying this, but if you can't put at least 35% down on a golf course, you're buying a golf course you cannot afford!"

"I have a captive audience for the period of at least one meal. I'm not too bright if I can't profit from an opportunity like that?"

"Golfers don't ruin a golf course. Only nature and neglect can destroy a golf course!"

"I love it when they say my golf course is too crowded!"

"Playing around a beautiful golf course in 3 hours is like running through an art gallery. You need to enjoy the architecture and the thought that goes into a well designed golf course. I think a great architect like Michael Hurdzan might be insulted if you ran around one of his masterpieces in two hours and forty-five minutes. A person can't enjoy playing golf in a hurry. I'll bet the Scotts originally stretched their whisky getaways as long as they could. Anyway, if golfers can play your course in under 4 hours, it can't be too much a golf course (executive golf courses excepted), or you're not getting enough play!"

"Tee times are all a golf course has to sell. Respect tee times like inventory!"

"Operating a golf course without immediately available capital reserves is financial suicide!"

FAMOUS LAST WORDS: "I ran the best widget company in the world. What's so hard about running a golf course?" Chapter 7 coming up!

THE SADDEST SCENE OF ALL: "Weddings at golf courses. You're supposed to be in the golf business."

"Why is the owner's Mercedes the last thing the bank takes back?"