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LET'S GROW THE GAME OF GOLF - The way we did 50-years ago!


Golfmak Members (copy of message to my 2,000 members at Yahoo Groups),

I'm sure you have all noticed some of your local golf courses suffering from the current economy, but in many cases, the golf course industry is in the center of a perfect storm:Participation in golf is either shrinking or, at least static:


  • There are too many golf courses chasing the same golfer's money
  • Your local private club has opened for public play
  • Parking lot is breaking up
  • Tattered flags and poles
  • Hairy sand traps
  • Pro Shop with no merchandise - usually only Pinnacles
  • All sorts of deals advertised like free hot dogs, discount coupons, play-6 get one free, etc.
  • Of course, all this taking place during our troubled economy - the Perfect Storm

In my consulting business I've visited places like Barboursville, WV; Harpersville, AL; Cordele, GA; Hampstead, NC; Ontario City NY; and Oil City PA. The issues is always the same: How do we survive? I have the ONLY ANSWER.

We need to grow the game again - they way they did when I was 16-years old working in Toronto, Canada. People invited their friends who didn't play golf to come out to the course and try it.  The affect on the industry would be an almost overnight success if every one of the 25 million golfers in the USA invited one friend to play their first round of golf. I call it the "Buddy" system.

If every golf course in the USA told their customers to bring out a new golfer and allow that new golfer to play for FREE, I believe the industry would stimulate itself with anywhere from 2.5 to 5 million new golfers overnight.

I know some of you out there belong to state associations, sit on boards, or work for the county and can have an influence in promoting this idea. I believe there are easy ways to get the message out.

I also believe there's a better way to start teaching the game so new golfers won't be intimidated. I know, because that's how I started out new golfers for almost 30-years - AND IT WORKED!

I would love to hear from you on this issue, because if something positive doesn't happen soon I see hundreds, maybe thousands of golf courses mowing their fairways for the last time

My email is always open: mailto:mike@golfmak.com (all my email forwards to my BBRY)