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Mike Kahn, Golfmak, Inc.

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    BTW: If I can't give you any useful information to improve your golf course operation you don't pay me! Mike Kahn

Call me for your comlimentary consultation: 941.739.3990. Or write: mike@golfmak.com

I am a golf course operations and marketing expert – maybe the best anywhere! So, how can I help you get your golf course back on track? I call it my ‘Tunnel Vision’ approach. Here’s what I do for you:

  1. I analyze your golf course from every angle – the asset, financial history, inventories, equipment and machinery
  2. I review all your operational and maintenance activities
  3. I review your market, marketing history and current plans
  4. You (owner) and I meet and discuss every aspect of your golf course business. No detail is too small to discuss and review. We exchange emails, telephone calls, and SMS messages.
  5. Then we implement my ‘Tunnel Vision’ approach to getting your golf course back on track.

If you implement exactly as I advise, you will have the best chance to bring your golf course operation back to financial health. However, I might be a little mean if I hear or see you getting off track. If you can put up with me (sometimes), we should be highly successful.

BTW: My fees are so low you can’t afford not to use me.

Call me: 941-739-3990

or write: mike@golfmak.com