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"I don't care how long you've owned and operated a golf course. You CAN do more business by following my simple back-to-basics approach, WHICH ALWAYS WORKS! But you need a coach. That's me. I will show you how you can add rounds, improve your net and put your golf course back to making you a living.



First, you have to quit blaming the banker, the economy, or the weather. Call me: 941-739-3990." READ HOW I'LL DO IT...


My status

I AM CONTINUALLY AMAZED WHEN THEY SAY THEY'RE GIVING BETTER SERVICE WHEN THEY ARE NOT! Sure, there're going through half-hearted motions, but are they really giving superior service? Not from what I see.

EXAMPLE: A really nice Florida golf course brags better service. I (with friends) bought a ticket to play the course. At the first tee the starter was so rude he deserved a punch in the nose! He never looked up at me. When I asked where to get range balls (we had a 20-minute wait), again without looking up he points his thumb over his shoulder toward the clubhouse. He said one word, "Clubhouse."

That was what their advertisements called better service?

I BLAME THE OWNER: My point is not really aimed at the rude starter. I blame ownership. What the hell are they doing (excuse the language, but these issues frustrate me)? I look in the office and see the GM with his nose deep in his computer. I wonder when was the last time the GM actually walked out to the first tee to greet his customers. I'm betting NEVER!

MY STARTER: So, how does my starter behave? He or she promotes my business. When he (grumpy above) saw we had a 20-minute wait he should have told us we had plenty of time to warm up on the range or have a snack in the grillroom. He had a walkie-talkie in his hand. Why couldn't he call the shop to send out range balls? He should have asked us if we've played the course before. He should ask what skill level we felt would result in the 'most enjoyment' from the golf course. He should tell us the beverage car is out there with cold drinks and beer (power of suggestion), which will sell more on the beverage cart - guaranteed!

You see where I'm coming from, but I go much deeper than that. Grrrr!

I'm consulting for golf courses right this minute that are in highly competitive neighborhoods. One course (up north) just hosted almost 300 rounds over 18-holes. Same day last year they hosted fewer than 100-rounds. The other course (in Florida) is averaging 20 more rounds per day than the same period last year. Both courses are experiencing higher daily revenues: More food and beverage sales, more range sales, more pro shop (high margin) sales, and better bottom lines. They're also still selling memberships. Wow! When everyone else is losing members, they're selling new ones!

How do I do it?

'Kick Ass' for starters (there I go again)!

I hate watching golf course operators moaning about the economy, their bankers, or the weather. "I know there are golf players out there and I want them playing my damn golf course - period!"

I go get them. When I get them I make sure they keep coming back. How do I do it? That's my secret - but it SHOULD BE NO SECRET!

In my work I coach you and your employee team how to build your player base, add rounds, add revenue, and improve your bottom line. However, there are a few Titanics out there.

If I see a golf course that ain't going anywhere... I'll tell you. Unfortunately, there are golf courses out there that are too far gone to recover. I mean deferred issues, that can never be caught up. Then my advice will be to throw the keys at the banker and disappear - REALLY!

Otherwise, get off your hands and get into the trenches and get those available golf players playing your golf course - not the one down the street.

My fees to coach you and your golf course back to prosperity are so low I'm embarrassed. It's because I love watching a golf course turn around to become a viable business.

Call me, Mike Kahn: 941-739-3990, or write me at: mike@golfmak.com. DON'T PUT IT OFF.